Flour Tortillas

Flour Street Tacos

Small in size, big on taste. Explore the possibilities with our TacoMex Street Taco.

6" Flour Fajita

Our deliciously soft TacoMex flour fajita is just the right size for your recipes.

8" Flour Soft Taco

If you're looking for a soft taco that doesn't disappoint, look no further. TacoMex soft tacos are just that good.

10" Flour Burrito

What you put inside is for you to decide! Our TacoMex Flour Burrito will satisfy your craving for big flavor with unlimited possibilities.

6" Whole Wheat Fajita

Our delicious Whole Wheat Fajita is the perfect choice when you're looking to get essential fiber and added protein in your meal.

10" Whole Wheat Burrito

Our TacoMex Whole Wheat Burrito is a high-fiber, lower-fat option to add with your favorite recipes. Try adding grilled fish or ground turkey for a light and delicious meal!